Customer Relationship Management & Accounts Package

The need to link Accounting and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications has never been more important than it is today. Not only do you need to increase sales to existing and new customers but you also need to ensure invoicing is accurate and payments are prompt. FuseMetrix CRM & Accounts from Web Office Systems is a fully integrated application that ensures you are in full control of your business. FuseMetrix does not require any software or hardware to be purchased, you access your securely held data via an encrypted internet connection....

One system to manage your business:

There are many advantages to having a single system to manage your business and FuseMetrix opens up these opportunities to you. A single application not only delivers cost savings but increases adoption of the system, ensuring a quick return on investment. Data does not have to be re-entered and you have one place to search for all the people you deal with - prospects, suppliers and customers. FuseMetrix is web based allowing you to grant controlled and secure access to external professionals such as book-keepers and accountants so that they can work on your live system, improving efficiency and accuracy. FuseMetrix has a fully functional email and diary system included allowing you to work within one application throughout your business.

The importance of linking Sales & Finance People:

FuseMetrix significantly enhances collaboration between Sales and Finance teams by providing a common platform for them to work with and share important data. Sales teams are often unable to see the whole commercial picture which can lead to missed opportunities or increased risk of bad debt; whilst finance teams are often unable to assist them as they do not know of the opportunities they are working on and the potential impact to the business. Sharing information between sales and finance teams delivers better cooperation leading to improved planning and control for areas such as discounting, cash flow and cost control. Finally a single platform for businesses of all sizes that works throughout the business - FuseMetrix.

Hosted to reduce cost and enhance security:

FuseMetrix is a fast web based application, hosted within our resilient, backed up secure data centres. This removes the need for you to purchase and maintain expensive servers and back up devices. You access the system via an encrypted web connection, allowing you to have considerable working flexibility for field or home based employees or outsourced workers. No software is installed on your local machines and data is not held locally so in the event of theft or loss of a PC your data remains protected and available for use. We have maintained an uptime of 99.99% for many years and offer a financially backed guarantee of our service levels to our hosted clients. More information is available about our core infrastructure upon request.

Easy to manage access throughout the system:

With FuseMetrix CRM your emails and diaries are managed centrally and where applicable automatically linked to your contacts. This removes the need to use external applications and keeps your information up to date with all communication. These can then be synchronised with mobile devices such as iPhones to keep you up to date whilst out of the office.

Real Time, All the Time:

With FuseMetrix CRM and Accounts you can fully control user access to different parts of the system. This allows you to control what people can see, access and update. All user transactions are logged so that you have a record of who has done what and when. All changes will be reflected when the user next logs in, allowing system administrators to apply changes quickly. Full audit reports are available for all transactions made within the system. Back Enquire here