Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications are essential for businesses of every size. They help to manage and develop the way a company communicates with its customers and prospects. FuseMetrix CRM from Web Office Systems will help you increase your sales to existing and new customers by giving greater visibility and accountability to sales team, managing opportunity pipelines and delivering clear reports when needed. FuseMetrix does not require any software or hardware to be purchased, you access your securely held data via an encrypted internet connection.

Manage your existing contacts:

Use FuseMetrix CRM to store contact information for your existing customers, suppliers and partners in one place. This will enable people to quickly interact with the people they need to and share this information internally when they do.

Create demand for your business:

Create marketing campaigns and manage them through FuseMetrix CRM to ensure they are producing a return on investment. Use the built in email marketing tool to generate, send and manage professional email campaigns. You can track bounces, unsubscribers, open and click-though rates or generate a series of auto-responders to maximise your email campaign.

Deliver faster sales results:

Record opportunities and move them through the sales process using the WebMetrix campaign management tool. Gain real time visibility of your pipeline through reports and graphical representation to reduce your sales cycle and improve conversion rates.

Email and diary management built in:

With FuseMetrix CRM your emails and diaries are managed centrally and where applicable automatically linked to your contacts. This removes the need to use external applications and keeps your information up to date with all communication. These can then be synchronised with mobile devices such as iPhones to keep you up to date whilst out of the office.

Real Time, All the Time: Your data is held in fully backed up, resilient, secure data centres and is available 24/7 via an encrypted web connection. Your account is user name and password protected* and access to the system components can be fully controlled depending on users needs. Because you don't need to purchase any software there is no initial financial outlay, the system is paid for by a low monthly fee according to the number and type of users you have. We have maintained a 99.99% up time for many years and guarantee this through an SLA refund policy.

*Enhanced security levels available

Advantages of FuseMetrix CRM

  • Store and share information
  • Hold data more securely
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Retain customers for longer
  • 24/7 access to information
  • Reduce sales cycles
  • Manage the sales process
  • Report on key performance indicators (KPI's)
  • Increase profits
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